Transmission and Gear Boxes

KPCL’s Transmission System is a pioneer in the field of transmission products in India. With six products on board, this SBU specially caters to the need of customised power transmission solutions. The technology is being enhanced through in-house product engineering and collaborations. TRM has an edge in the areas of different types of gears and gear boxes with capacity range from sub-megawatt to higher megawatt range.

Traction Motor Pinions and Axle Mounted Bull Gears

Our manufacturing unit at Hadapsar has facilities like CNC machining centres, conventional and special purpose machines like Hoffler, MAAG, Reischauer, Taylor Hobson and Schiess Kopp which are used for gear teeth grinding, hobbing, copy milling, surface finishing and profile inspection. It also includes well laid down quality control procedures, research and development, integrated computer system, support shops like pattern shop, foundry, heat treatment, etc.
Case Carburised, hardened and profile ground Helical and Spur traction gears and Pinions are also manufactured for heavy duty applications like ACIDC electric locomotives for passenger and goods, traffic electric multiple units, etc.


Module: 0.5 to 25

Face Width: Upto 495 mm

Gear Diameter: Upto 1800 mm

No. of teeth: 10 to 260

Gear Grinding to: DIN – class – I

Helix Angle: Upto 45 Degree

Additional product information:

  • User Application Sector: Transport
  • User Sub Sector: Electric/Diesel Electric locomotives
  • Industry Sector: Rail Transport
  • Application Areas: Rail Traction
  • Product Category: Traction Gears and Pinions

Reverse Reduction Hydraulic Marine Gear Boxes

Reverse Turbo Transmission Brochure

KPCL has the widest range of Power Transmission solutions that helps us to serve varied markets and applications.
With the product portfolio that embodies the highest standards of workmanship and technological expertise, KPCL is helping the shipping industry in the betterment of processes.
Our Reverse Reduction Hydraulic Marine Gear Boxes (MG series: Power rating up to 1200 hp and KMG Series: Power rating up to 15000 hp) has already cleared stringent standards and norms of Lloyd’s Register of shipping, American Bureau of Shipping: Bureau Veritas, Indian Register of Shipping: DGQA, etc.
So far we have supplied over 3500 marine gear boxes across the world.

Our Speciality:

  • Pioneer in precision high tech gear technology in India
  • Over four decades of manufacturing experience
  • Leadership in niche market and products
  • Member of American Gear Manufacturing Association (AGMA)

Helical/Bevel Helical Gear units

Helical Reduction Gear Boxes Brochure

Helical Reduction Gear Boxes cater to niche applications of Industrial Gear units. Helical Reduction Gear Boxes are available in “H” (Horizontal Shaft Version) and “K” (Right Angle Shaft Version) in different reduction ratios with power capacity ranges from 5 kW to multi-megawatt.
Our stringent quality standards and superior workmanship have made us the leaders in Helical Reduction Gear Boxes in industries like oil exploration, cement, steel mills, sugar factories, paper factories, chemical plants, mining sites, material handling usage, etc.

Wind Turbine Gear Boxes

Wind Turbine Gear Boxes Brochure

This is KPCL’s venture into the business of Energy generation with highly eco-friendly systems.
Wind Turbine Gear Boxes are used in wind turbines. We manufacture Wind turbine Gear Boxes in two ranges: sub-megawatt (250 – 350 kW) and megawatt class.
A megawatt class range has single/multistage, planetary, helical, speed increaser gearbox.