Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems offers three product lines namely – Reciprocating Open-Type Compressors (Cold Chain applications), Process Refrigeration Systems (Refinery and Petrochemicals, Chemicals, Fertilizers and Marine) and Vapour Absorption Chillers (Process Cooling and Air Conditioning). ACR equipments range from 50 to 500 TR, Vapour Absorption Chillers from 90 to 500 TR and Refrigeration Systems up to 800 TR.

Compressors For Refrigeration Systems

KPCL’s Reciprocating Compressor range includes KCX and PC Series models of compressors used in a variety of applications.

The reciprocating range of refrigerant compressors has wide applications in the area of industrial refrigeration which includes food and beverage processing and preservation, ice plants, process refrigeration which includes pharmaceuticals, chemicals, etc. The range also caters to HVAC applications including water chillers, etc.

These Compressors are suitable for use with R-22, R-717 and R-134a and other HFC’s.

Compressors For Refrigeration Systems

Salient Features

  • High reliability
  • Steel fabricated CC, low vibration, low noise level
  • Superior quality wear resistant parts
  • Quick service access for easy maintenance
  • Safer design – easy to install and package
  • Wide capacity range
  • Modular Construction
  • Fabricated modular rugged construction

Customer Benefits

  • Superior COP values at full and part load operations
  • Low on total cost of ownership: Capital cost, Operating cost and Maintenance cost

KCX Series Compressors

KCX Series Compressors Brochure (in English)

KCX Series Compressors Capacity Rating Chart

KCX Series Compressors Brochure (in Arabic)

KCX Series Compressors Brochure (in Chinese)

KCX Series Compressors Brochure (in German)

KCX Series Compressors Brochure (in Indonasian)

KCX Series Compressors Brochure (in Iraqi Arabic)

KCX Series Compressors Brochure (in Malaysian)

KCX Series Compressors Brochure (in Persian)

KCX Series Compressors Brochure (in Russian)

KCX Series Compressors Brochure (in Spanish)

KCX Series Compressors Brochure (in Thai)

KCX Series Compressors Brochure (in Urdu)

KCX Series Compressors Brochure (in Vietnamese)

  • Open type, 1 to 12 cylinders, single/two stage reciprocating compressor
  • Bore/Stroke: 160 mm/110 mm
  • Swept Volume: From 265.4 Cubic meter per/hr to 1327.0 Cubic meter per/hr (at 1000 rpm)
  • Refrigerant: R-22, R134a, R-717 (NH3) and other HFC’s (Ozone friendly refrigerant)

KCX Series Compressors

Salient Features

  • Fabricated modular rugged construction
  • Superior COP values at full and part load operation
  • Low on total cost of ownership: capital cost, operating cost and maintenance cost
  • Easy site maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Low vibration and noise level
  • CE approved


  • Food processing and preservation: cold storage, milk/ice-cream, fish/meat, breweries and beverages, vegetable and agro products
  • Chemical, pharmaceuticals and process refrigeration
  • Other industrial refrigeration applications

PC Series Open Type Reciprocating Compressor

PC Series Compressors Brochure

PC Series Compressors Capacity Rating Chart

  • Modular fabricated construction
  • Open type 2 cylinder, single stage, Reciprocating Compressor
  • Bore/Stroke: 110 mm/85 mm
  • Swept Volume: 140.7 cubic meter per hour (at 1450 rpm)
  • Refrigerant: R-22, R134a and other HFC’s (ozone friendly refrigerant)


  • Food processing and preservation: cold storage, milk/ice-cream, fish/meat, breweries and beverages, vegetable and agro products
  • Chemical, pharmaceuticals and process refrigeration
  • Other industrial refrigeration applications

Refrigeration Systems

KPCL is a leading name in Industrial Refrigeration, Process Refrigeration and Preservation. We provide turnkey products and solutions with designing, manufacturing, packaging, installation, commissioning, after sales and training. KPCL provides refrigeration and gas compression systems used in conjunction with hydrocarbon which is a highly specialized market segment in the field of industrial refrigeration. Our philosophy of “Concept to Commissioning” has given us the edge and thus we continue to stay ahead of the increasingly stringent environmental, quality and safety standards that regulate the industry.

Refrigeration Systems

With our wide experience, we can handle refrigeration package jobs in a range of offerings from bare compressors, package to complete solutions for following applications:

  • Refineries
  • Food processing
  • Petrochemicals
  • Beverages/Breweries
  • Oil and gas
  • Dairy/Ice Cream
  • Cold storage
  • Chemicals and fertilizers
  • Food preservation
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Modular concrete cooling
  • Marine HVAC and R

We have supplied over:

  • 28000 Compressors across 40 countries
  • 1700 Refrigeration Systems packages all over India and abroad

KRX Screw Compressor Package

KRX Screw Compressors Brochure

We provide complete Screw Compressor Package Systems engineered for specific installations, factory wired and tested.

Unique features of KRX Screw Compressors

  • Design low maintenance and high efficiency, minimising operating costs
  • The smooth running action of the twin screws enables the compressors to handle the most difficult gases, contaminants or liquid slugs without vibration
  • The KRX supplies flows from 300m3/h to 1600m3/h
  • Available in a wide range from 50 kW to 1230 kW of refrigeration capacity
  • Designed as per KPCL’s standard
  • Conducive to all refrigerants (NH3, R-22, R-134a, R290, R-404 A, R-407c, etc.)
  • The package can be used directly with DX or flooded chillers or vessels

Industrial Refrigeration

The systems can be offered with Screw Compressor Package or Reciprocating Single/Two-Stage Compressors. For moderately low temperature (down to minus 35° C), secondary coolant chloride brines of sodium chloride, calcium and methylene, glycols, alcohols and trichloroethylene are used. Plants use refrigerant or brine cascade systems and can be offered with Reciprocating Compressors in both high and low stages or a combination of Screw and Reciprocating Compressors.

We have extensive experience in the following fields:

  • Refinery: Isomerisation – Motor Spirit Quality, Clean/Green Fuels
  • Petrochemicals: Chilled Brine/Process for butadiene, Polypropylene, LLDPE, HDPE
  • LNG/LPG transportation: Dew point control
  • Gas Storage: Unloading/Boil-Off Refrigeration

Industrial Refrigeration

Industrial Refrigeration Brochure

KPCL supplies packages in conformance with International standards like:

  • API-619
  • API-661
  • API-671
  • ASME B31.3

Process Refrigeration and Preservation

Whatever be the requirement, we provide our expertise always. From complete selection of refrigerant, load and systems design, facility design to operation and maintenance, we ensure the best class safety and economy throughout.

  • Cold Storages
  • Meat and Poultry processing
  • Food and Beverage sector
  • Frozen fruits and vegetables processing
  • Brewery
  • Dairies
  • Fisheries
  • Ice-cream factories

Process Refrigeration and Preservation

The purpose of Process Refrigeration is to maintain or extend product life and protect food quality from microbiological deterioration by providing timely process and accurate temperature control.

Refrigeration Systems for cold storage are applied in processing, manufacturing and warehousing food, biomedical materials, ice manufacture and other uses. However, the largest application is for refrigeration and freezing of foods. Refrigerated systems provide much lower temperatures than comfort air conditioning systems. The design, selection, and construction of refrigeration systems are different and can be more intensive than that for a comfort air conditioning system. For this reason, KPCL has evolved a separate and distinct specialty of industrial and Process Refrigeration.

Vapour Absorption Chillers

Vapour Absorption Chillers Brochure

Kirloskar Vapour Absorption Chillers (VAC) is the state of the art, highly efficient machine. KPCL has established manufacturing facility at our existing Saswad factory, near Pune. The manufacturing facilities include Fabrication, Assembly and Performance Testing at full load, etc.

Our product range includes Steam driven Vapour Absorption Chillers and Direct Fired Vapour Absorption Chillers (VAC). Kirloskar VAC’s are of latest design and are corrosion free and crystallisation free, thus providing promised performance consistently and providing long and trouble-free life. You will observe that Life Cycle Cost (LCC) of Kirloskar VAC would be minimal due to these features. Our VAC shall provide chilled water, which can be used for air conditioning and process cooling applications.

Indigenous Kirloskar Vapour Absorption Chillers are supplied in fully assembled condition duly tested in the factory. Thus, these can be commissioned in a very short time.

High Pressure Steam Driven (KVAC-SA)

Product Range

  • Cooling Capacity: 60 TR to 700 TR
  • Chilled water/brine in/out: As low as 00 C
  • Heat Source: Dry Saturated Steam from 3.5 kg/cm2g to 8 kg/cm2g

Direct Fired (KVAC-DA)

We provide completely assembled, Pre-wired, Direct Fired Double Effect Kirloskar Vapour Absorption Chillers.


  • Refrigeration Capacity: 150 TR to 500 TR (525 kW to 1,750 kW) *
  • Chilled water in/out: 12/7 Degree C **
  • Cooling water in/out: 32/37.5 Degree C **
  • Fuel: Natural Gas and Oil

Power plants, pharmaceuticals, chemicals/fertiliser industries, tyre industries, textile industries, food processing sector, hospitals and hotel industries, paper industries, paint industries, steel industries, etc.

After Sales Service And Spare Parts

Compressors for Refrigeration Systems:

We have a national and international network of channel partners for sales and service of our compressors. They are also spare parts stockiest for faster delivery.

Under the training activity, KPCL organizes seminars, service workshops at customer premises through industry associations for a group of customers.

We have also developed a three-day factory training programme where a detailed training program is conducted which includes classroom and training about products.

Refrigeration Systems:

The after sales service for Refrigeration Systems business (Hydrocarbon refrigeration, Industrial refrigeration and Process cooling) is handled from the Head Office and the branch offices. This includes the Refrigeration Systems spares and components supply.

The training programs are conducted on case to case basis requirement at the client’s site location after commissioning of systems.