Air Compressors

Air Compressor Systems offers a wide range of compressors in 15 product categories. To bring focused attention and create centres of competence specific to technology, these are sub divided into three categories: Reciprocating Compressors, Screw Compressors and Centrifugal Compressors. KPCL offers Air Compressors from 30 to 10,000 CFM.

Reciprocating, Horizontal, Balance Opposed, Piston Compressors

Reciprocating Air Compressors Brochure

The Reciprocating Air Compressor business comprises of a wide capacity range of Horizontal Balance Opposed Piston Compressors, Vertical Reciprocating and Railway Brake Compressors.

KPCL Reciprocating, Horizontal Balanced Opposed and Piston Compressors are the results of extensive engineering expertise and experience of over five decades in design, manufacturing, supply and installation of air and gas compressors of various designs, capacities and pressures for a range of applications.

Salient Features:

  • Automatic loading and unloading facility
  • Automatic, well placed cushioned valves, transparent covers and ample space, ensuring ease of inspection and maintenance
  • Common parts for different models offer flexibility of opting for one or more models, without increasing spares inventory
  • Force Feed Lubrication Systems to ensure lubrication of all moving parts
  • Minimum foundation and low wear of moving parts: hence no horizontal or vertical imbalanced forces thus ensuring vibration-free operation
  • Operational economy

Types of gases handled

We have manufactured and supplied Reciprocating Compressors and Booster Compressors handling variety of gases like: bone dry Nitrogen, wet Carbon Dioxide, Recycled gas, Natural gas, Mixture of gases (CO2, N2 and H2), Vinyl Chloride monomer gas, Biogas, LPG, Argon, Crude gas, sour gas, dry cracked Ammonia and a host of other industrial gases.


  • Instrument Air
  • Service Air
  • Process Air

Vertical Reciprocating Air Compressor

Vertical Reciprocating Air Compressors Brochure

Vertical Reciprocating Air Compressors are highly reliable for continuous duty operation round the clock and have proven their mettle with our prestigious customers throughout the country for the last 35 years. These compressors are available in lubricated and oil-free versions.


  • Textile Industry
  • Instrument and Process Air
  • Paper Industry
  • Glass Industry
  • Gas Industry
  • Food Processing Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Tanneries
  • Electronic Industry
  • Hospitals and Pharmaceuticals

Compressors and Expressors for Railway Brake Systems

3HC55 Compressor Brochure

KRM-1200 Compressor Brochure

Kirloskar Railway Brake Compressors are results of over half a century of learning and experience which has helped translate into modern products that meet current and future needs in terms of compressor technology. Differentiating features are ready-to-use compact systems, a higher capacity which in turn provides environmental protection, elevated reliability and customer comfort, prolonged service life and ease of servicing.

These compressors are specially designed for application in Diesel Electric Locomotives manufactured by DLW, Electrical Locos manufactured by CLW and for EMU and MEMU application manufactured by ICF, BEML, BHEL, etc.

Types of Model

Kirloskar Model KRM 1200:

KRM 1200 Compressors are specially designed for Braking application in Electrical Multiple Units (EMU and MEMU). These are environment-friendly, low noise, rugged construction compressors which come with Radiator type Intercooler and an aftercooler. These high capacity splash lubricated compressors are designed for under slung duty as well as between the coaches and can be used in AC and DC EMU’s. KRM 1200 comes with some highlighted features.

Kirloskar Model 3HC55:

3HC55 compressors are specially designed for Braking Application in Electrical Multiple Units (EMU and MEMU). These are three cylinders, two stages, forced air cooled, forced lubricated compressor that comes without Inter Cooler and Aftercooler. These compressors deliver 1000 LPM at 980 RPM.

Kirloskar Model 6CD4UC and KE6 (Expressors used in dual braking application) and KCW 623 (Compressor used in straight braking application)

These equipments are specially designed for Braking Application in Diesel Electric Locomotives manufactured by DLW, DMW. Suitable for continuous duty under high temperatures, air cooled, forced lubricated with a gear pump, light weight, compact and highly reliable.

Screw Air Compressors

Oil Injected Electric Skid Screw Compressors' Brochure

Screw Air Compressor Systems caters its niche market segment right from general engineering workshop till the operation and processing unit in different sectors.

Oil Injected Electric Skid/Tank Mounted Screw Compressors:

KPCL Oil Injected Electric Skid/Tank Mounted Screw Compressors are the results of technical expertise and experience of over five decades in design, manufacturing, supply and installation of air and gas compressors of various designs, capacities and pressures for a variety of applications.

We manufacture these compressors in Skid Mounted Category, named KES 15 to KES 55 (R2-R3 range) and KES 55 to KES 160 (R4-R5 range) and in Tank Mounted category, named as KES 7 to KES 11, with the pressure ranging from 7.5 kg/cm²g to 13 kg/cm²g and capacity from 1.87 m³/min to 31.15 m³/min.

Ready to use: No foundation is required.

Quality Air: Efficient air/oil separation systems ensures maximum oil recovery to minimise lube oil consumption and maintenance cost.

Canopy: Specially designed silent canopy to facilitate effective ventilation and ease of maintenance.

Controller: Microprocessor based efficient controller with necessary safety control systems and maintenance schedule.

Cooling Systems: Radiator type aluminium combi cooler with low noise fan and motor provided for effective cooling of lube oil and compressed air.

Control Panel: In built control panel housing MMI, µ controller, main motor auto star – delta starter, fan motor direct on-line starter and other control of the package.

Air Suction Filter: Dry type air filter protects the air end and ensures long life.

Electric Motor: Highly efficient, TEFC, Class F insulation, Foot cum Flange mounting, 4/2P, EFFI, IP55 protection motor is selected considering operating conditions at site.

Service Centres: Fully equipped service centres with trained engineers and spare parts stocks available across the country.

Diesel Engine Driven Portable Air Compressors

Diesel Engine Driven Portable Compressors Brochure

KPCL Diesel Engine Driven Portable Compressors are used for applications like construction and mining, general engineering etc. These units cover a wide capacity range from 5 m³/min to 17 m³/min and pressure range from 7 kg/cm²g to 10 kg/cm²g.

Salient Features:

  • Easy portability
  • Quality air
  • Canopy
  • Controller
  • Cooling systems
  • Control panel
  • Air suction filter
  • Electric motor
  • Service centres

Diesel Screw Compressors

Diesel Screw Compressors Brochure

KPCL Diesel Screw Compressors are the results of extensive know-how and experience of more than five decades in design, manufacturing, supply and installation of various capacities and pressures. The two types of Diesel Screw Compressors we offer are:

Single Stage Diesel Screw Compressor:

A versatile range of Rotary Twin Screw Air Compressors, with capacity range from 7 cubic meter per minute (250 cfm) to 25 cubic meter per minute (900 cfm) at working pressure up to 14 kg per square centimetre-gram (200psig).

Salient Features:

  • Provision of efficient oil separators
  • Light weight and compact
  • Minimum fuel consumption
  • Specially designed canopy
  • Lower water, lube oil and air delivery temperature
  • Unique single lever unloading systems

Two Stage High Pressure Diesel Screw Compressors

KPCL’s Two Stage High Pressure Diesel Screw Compressor having normal capacity ranges from 28 m³/min (1000 cfm) to 31 m³/min (1100 cfm) at working pressure up to 17.5 kg/cm²g (250psig) to 21 kg/cm²g (300psig).

Salient Features:

  • Lower power consumption; highly energy efficient
  • Efficient 4 stages oil/air separation systems
  • Minimum vibration and noise
  • Specially design canopy
  • Lower working temperature of oil, water and air
  • Efficient synchronous step-less capacity control
  • Sturdy air cooled oil cooler with anti-vibration mounts
  • Light weight and compact


  • Mining works
  • Water well drilling
  • Canal and tunnel works
  • Quarries
  • Repowering of old rigs
  • Stand-by units for electric compressors in industries

Water Well Compressors

Water Well Compressors Brochure

Salient Features:

  • High performance compressor package
  • Trustworthy engine
  • Hassle-free maintenance
  • Easy availability of spares through wide dealer network
  • Quick on-site service
  • Fuel efficient

Compact and Robust Design:

  • Strategically designed compact size, fits easily on trucks
  • Flexible hoses connecting all oil and fuel lines
  • Hassle free maintenance with specially designed service doors
  • Holeset coupling for efficient load transfer from engine to compressor
  • Cooling systems capable of handling higher ambient temperatures

Centrifugal Air Compressors

Centrifugal Air Compressors Brochure

KPCL has successfully developed Centrifugal Compressors as per the latest industrial requirements and changing trends of compressed air market to energy efficient Centrifugal Compressors.

KPCL has designed the centrifugal compressors with a capacity from 2400 cfm up to 8000 cfm, oil-free air compressor and finds its application in power, steel, automobile, textile, general engineering, air separation and pharmaceutical sectors.

Salient Feature of Centrifugal Compressors

  • 100% oil-free air, hence higher product quality and lower operating cost
  • Easy to maintain, no disassembly required, online element replacement facility
  • Reliable and efficient operation
  • Best specific power amongst any three stage compressors in its class
  • State-of-the-art, energy saving controls
  • Deliver greater flow for every kW

After Sales Service And Spare Parts

Air Compressor Systems (ACS) provides after sales service (for products in warranty and out of warranty) through Head Office and its wide spread network of branch offices, channel partners and service franchisees.

The spare parts division caters to the need of all spare parts of Vertical Reciprocating Compressors, Balance Opposed Piston Compressors, Centrifugal Compressors, Screw Compressors, Railway Brake Compressors and Exhausters, High-Pressure Compressors used in oil.
This is further supported by a well spread dealers network all over India.

Our stockist dealers keep most spares and consumables. We can also offer spare parts against specific enquiry based on manufacturer part numbers.

Our efficient and qualified team of professionals and effective material handling systems ensures only flawless, quality products with on-time delivery reach to our clients.

The training is provided at the client site location after commissioning of our systems. We have also developed our own Customer Training Centre which organizes seminars and service workshops for the client representatives at our Head Office as per agreement or on a chargeable basis.