Overview and Contacts

A brief overview of our performance in the areas of our expertise and the relevant contacts.

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Board of Directors and Committees

The group of individuals and committees that direct the company affairs and ensure its prosperity while also meeting the interests of the stakeholders.

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Financial Reports

Our yearly and quarterly financial reports since the company’s inception.

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Shareholding Pattern

Complete information about the shareholding pattern and its changes over the years.

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Shareholders’ Information

Listings, share pricing, investor guide and other aids for the shareholders who believe in us.


Information about the board meetings, events, notices, and other updates.

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Corporate Governance, Company Policies and Code of Conduct

Reports of compliance in corporate governance, the various company policies in effect, and a well-written code of conduct defining the company’s values, principles, and standards.

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AGM/Postal Ballot

Notices of Annual General Meetings and ballots conducted as a part of management of company affairs.

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