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Vapour Absorption Chillers
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Vapour Absorption Chillers

Low Pressure Steam Driven
Refrigeration Capacity : 95 TR to 1460 TR (333 kW to 5,110 kW) at following conditions as per JIS B 8622
Chilled water in/out  : 12/7 Deg C
Cooling water in/out : 32/37.5 Deg C
Steam Pressure         : 1.5 kg/cm2, g
  - Chillers can be supplied at different operating conditions.
  - Chiller can be supplied for pressurised hot water system.

Comfort & industrial air conditioning and process cooling in power, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, fertilizers, food processing, dairy, refineries, hospitals etc.

Model - 16JH
Steam or Hot water This energy saving chiller can be operated by low-pressure steam or pressurised hot water.
No power for Purging Unique hermetic purge system can purge non-condensable gases form the chiller without requiring any vacuum pump.
High Vacuum integrity The chiller is tested for very high vacuum integrity
Low Cooling water temperature Our single effect chiller requires less cooling water. The chiller can operate up to cooling water temperature as low as 15 Deg C without any additional controls

  Turnkey Solution
  We can provide Turnkey solutions with Vapour Absorption Chillers.

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