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Vapour Absorption Chillers
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Vapour Absorption Chillers

High Pressure Steam Driven

We provide complete screw compressor package systems engineered for specific installations, factory wired and tested.

Refrigeration Capacity : 150 TR to 2500 TR (525 kW to 8,750 kW) at following conditions as per JIS B 8622
Chilled water in/out  : 12/7 Deg C
Cooling water in/out : 32/37.5 Deg C
Steam Pressure         : 8 kg/cm2, g
  * Chillers can be supplied at different conditions.

Comfort & industrial air conditioning and process cooling in power, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, fertilizers, food processing, dairy, refineries, hospitals, IT/ITES buildings, SEZ's, residential buildings, shopping malls etc.

Model - RCW, RAW, REW

Compact Design
Energy Saving
New Advanced Microprocessor
Faster start-up of the chiller for energy savings
Reduced Dilution time at shut down.
Interlocking circuits of auxiliary devices
Digital display of operating parameters.
Failure recovery function
Pre-alarm system for preventive maintenance
Instantaneous Power recovery unit

  Turnkey Solution
  We can provide Turnkey solutions with Vapour Absorption Chillers.

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