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KRX Screw Compressor Package

We provide complete screw compressor package systems engineered for specific installations, factory wired and tested.

  Unique features of KRX Screw Compressors:
Design low maintenance and high efficiency, minimising operating costs.
The smooth running action of the twin screws enables the compressors to handle the most difficult gases, contaminants or liquid slugs without vibration.
The KRX supplies flows from 300m3/h to 1600m3/h
Available in a wide range from 50 kW to 1230 kW of refrigeration capacity.
Designed as per KPCL's standard.
Conducive to all refrigerants (NH3, R-22, R-134a, R290, R-404 A, R 407C, etc?).
The package can be used directly with DX or flooded chillers or vessels.
  Screw Compressor Systems:
  A typical package incorporates   Options Available
Oil cooling with thermosyphon,
Base frame
Oil cooling with liquid injection type
Refrigerant piping
Oil separator
Motor (IP55)
Lubrication circuit
Automatic variable Vi
Oil cooler & Instrumentation
Noise hood

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