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Compressors For Refrigeration System
KCX Series Compressors
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KCX Series Compressors 

Open type, 1 to 12 cylinder, single / two stage reciprocating compressor
Bore / Stroke: 160 mm / 110 mm.
Swept Volume: From 265.4 Cubic meter per hr To 1327.0 Cubic meter per hr(at 1000 rpm)
Refrigerant: R-22, R134a, R-717 (NH3) & other HFC's (Ozone friendly refrigerant)

   Salient Features:
Fabricated modular rugged construction
Superior COP values at full and part load operation
Low on total cost of ownership: Capital cost, operating cost, maintenance cost
Easy site maintenance and troubleshooting
Low vibration and noise level
CE approved

Food processing & preservation: cold storage, milk / ice-cream, fish / meat, breweries & beverages vegetable & agro products,
  Chemical, pharmaceuticals & process refrigeration
  Other industrial refrigeration applications

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