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  Modular Concrete Cooling  

Our modular concrete cooling solution offers Water Chilling plants and Flake Ice Plants for the construction industry.

Flake ice machines are in capacities ranging from 10 TPD to 45 TPD of ice. A continuous operation without a harvest cycle results in less refrigeration capacity required to produce a ton of ice as compared to any other type of manufactured ice with similar specifications. All water used by flake ice machines is converted into ice, hence, waste or spillage is avoided.

Single stage Kirloskar KC Compressors with Ammonia are used for 10 & 20 TPD at an evaporating temperature of
-18 Deg C (-4 Deg F). For other capacities two stage internally compounded KC compressor operates at an evaporating temp of -25 Deg C ( -13 Deg F) thus giving faster cooling and higher capacity of flakes.


On mixing water with cement used in concrete, due to the exothermic chemical reaction between cement and water heat is liberated which is known as the heat of hydration. During the curing process this heat of hydration raises the temperature of mass prepared by up to 25, causing an increase of volume. After curing process the concrete cools down again reducing its volume and thus naturally causing cracks. Therefore the initial pouring temperature of mass should be lowered so much that the maximum temperature during the curing process does not exceed a certain temperature determined.

In construction of dams, tunnels, bridges, and sewage plants etc; it is of utmost importance that temperature of the green concrete is controlled so that these buildings can withstand tensions that are created in finished concrete structure. Excessive internal heat-up of the green concrete especially in hot climates has to be avoided in order to prevent cracks and maintain proper strength, ensure consistent quality, and eliminate cracks.

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