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Ground Support Units
Service Air Trolley SAT 300
Service Air Trolley SAT 650
High Pressure Air Compressor KG 5H
230 / 400
Hydraulic Service Trolley HST 120 / 200 / 300
Mobile Air Charging Vehicle MACV 350
Unified Gas Service
Station - UGSS O2
Unified Gas Service
Station - UGSS N2


Mobile Air Charging Vehicle MACV 350

KG5H-230 / KG5H-400 are mobile airfield high pressure compressors capable of delivering clean and dry compressed air up to 400 bar pressure. These are designed to operate under extreme environmental conditions.

  Salient Features:
Trailer mounted portable unit using air cooled compressor.
Dew point (-) 60°C
Diesel and electric power versions are available.
Applications - Compressed air for operation of canopy, tyre inflation and landing gear.
Can be used for Missile launching and also maintenance of ships in the dockyards.
Suitable for MIG, Jaguar, Mirage and equivalent aircraft.


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