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Oil Injected Electric Skid / Tank Mounted Screw Compressors


KPCL Oil Injected Electric Skid / Tank Mounted Screw Compressors are the results of technical expertise and experience of over five decades in design, manufacturing, supply & installation of air & gas compressors of various designs, capacities & pressures for varieties of applications.

We manufacture these compressors in Skid Mounted Category with named KES 15 to KES 55 (R2 - R3 range) & KES 55 to KES 160 (R4 - R5 range) & in Tank Mounted category with named as KES 7 to KES 11, with the pressure ranging from 7.5 kg/cm²g to 13 kg/cm²g & capacity from 1.87 m³/min to 31.15 m³/min.


  Salient Features    
Ready to use:
No foundation is required.
Quality Air:
Efficient air / oil separation system ensures maximum oil recovery to minimise lub oil consumption and maintenance cost.
Specially designed silent canopy to facilitate effective ventilation and ease of maintenance.
Microprocessor based efficient controller with necessary safety control systems and maintenance schedule.
Cooling System:
Radiator type aluminum combi cooler with low noise fan & motor provided for effective cooling of lub oil and compessed air.
Control Panel: In built control panel housing MMI, µ controller, main motor auto star - delta starter, fan motor direct on-line starter & other control of the package.  
Air suction filter: Dry type air filter protects the air end and ensures long life.  
Electric Motor: Highly efficient, TEFC, Class F insulation, Foot cum Flange mounting, 4/2P, EFFI, IP55 protection motor is selected considering operating conditions at site.  
Service Centres: Fully equipped Service Centres with trained engineers and spare parts stocks available across the country.


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