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Jobs @ KPCL

  Position Code Position Location
  KPCL-614 Asst Manager – Sales – ACR VAC Chennai
  KPCL-613 Asst Manager – Sales – ACD Kolkata
  KPCL-606 Sr. Engineer – Sales – ACD Chennai
  KPCL-603 Asst Manager – Sales – ACR
  KPCL-589 Engineer – SCM Stores – ACR REF Saswad
  KPCL-577 Asst Manager – ACR Saswad
  KPCL-550 Sr. Manager – Sales – ACR Lucknow
  KPCL-547 Sr. Engineer – ACD Pune
  KPCL-535 Sr. Engineer – QA – ACD Pune
  KPCL-527 Asst Manager – D&D – ACD Pune
  KPCL-516 Asst Manager – D&D – ACD Pune
  KPCL-511 Asst Manager – Sales – ACR Chennai
  KPCL-504 Sr. Engineer – Sales – PGS Pune
  KPCL-498 Sr. Engineer – Project Execution – ACR Kolkata
  KPCL-497 Manager – Sales – ACR Kolkata
  KPCL-495 Sr. Engineer – D&D – ACD Pune
  KPCL-480 Asst Manager – ACD Pune
  KPCL-474 Sr. Manager – Sales – ACR Delhi
  KPCL-443 Asst Manager – D&D – ACD Pune
  KPCL-437 Manager – ACD Pune
  KPCL-412 Asst Manager – Sales – ACD Pune
  KPCL-406 Sr. Engineer – Sales – ACD Chennai
  KPCL-393 Manager – Sales – ACD Pune
  KPCL-365 Manager – ACD Pune
  KPCL-281 Manager – Sales – ACR Pune
  KPCL-248 Assistant Manager – Sales – ACR Pune

  Please send in your Curriculum Vitae and our HR Department will contact you if we have a position commensurate with your profile.

(Please mention position code in subject line while forwarding
your CV)
  You can reach us @:    
Kirloskar Pneumatic Co Ltd.
Plot No.1, Hadapsar Industrial Estate, Pune 41 1 O13. India.
Phone: +91 -2O-26727000.
Fax: +91 -20-2687 0297, 2687 0634

Life @ KPCL


To achieve our vision, we are looking for talented individuals, who exhibit commitment, enthusiasm and a touch of ambition. We provide an exciting, dynamic work environment with a strong emphasis on team work and leadership building. We provide avenues for you to grow with the company.

At KPCL, career development opportunities are based on individual’s performance and contribution to the common goal of sustained growth. Most of our senior executives have grown from within. We offer a world of opportunities to our employees for their career and personal development across areas of manufacturing, material, R & D, marketing, service etc. Support is provided through a process of mentoring where a senior manager assists the new recruit to manage his / her transition from the academic world to that of industry, smoothly.

We believe in and practice equal opportunity and every deserving employee can aspire to reach higher positions.

In addition to attractive scales and perks, KPCL provides its employees many facilities and welfare measures which are continuously upgraded. Our medical coverage is not only limited to the individual employee but is extended to cover their family as well.

If you think you have it in you, we are more than happy to welcome you aboard and we ensure you will enjoy all the growth possibilities that come your way.


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