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Corporate Social Responsibility
CSR 2016-17

Employee Volunteering   

Society Perception Survey

Employee Volunteering


Perception: Volunteers Volunteering survey carried out for the first time in 2013-14 through KINSS
Volunteer Perception Parameter % Employee Volunteers
>75% 60% - 75% <60%
Improvements Implemented (Volunteering) 2014-15
I Like being a CSR volunteer

i Volunteer Logo

CSR Booklet for each employee
  Awareness about CSR initiatives
  CSR Policy
  i volunteer form
CSR Gallery Strengthening CSR Communication
  Intranet, internet, e-mail
  In-house magazine
i Volunteer Capacity Building (OBT)
i Volunteer R & R
Gives me the opportunity to contribute to social development
I am satisfied about employee volunteering initiative
CSR Policy awareness, accessibility, understanding
i volunteer (new process) awareness
Benefits of volunteering – Stress relief (34%), Intrapersonal skills development (23%), Increased confidence (13%), Understanding social issues (15%), Decreased stage fright (8%), Improved self & family well being (7%)
Challenges of volunteering – Time availability (28%), Team working-communication, distribution (28%), Good planning (22%), Resources (17%), Child psychology (12%), Cooperation of schools (16%), Language (9%), Supervisor support (9%), Completion of activity (6%), Stage fright (5%)
Recognition expectations – Not required (19%), Memento & Certificate (45%),
Appreciation in the department (15%), Annual get-together (13%), In-house magazine coverage (8%)



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