CSR Policies

Kirloskar Pneumatic Company Limited (KPCL) as a part of ‘Kirloskar Group’ philosophy has always been committed to being a ‘Responsible Corporate Citizen’. Since the inception of KPCL in 1958, the word ‘Responsibility’ is embedded in its cultural DNA. KPCL which has aligned its Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives with the requirements of CSR Rules under The Companies Act, 2013, drives its CSR initiatives by collaborating with employee volunteers and NGO partners. By providing a volunteering platform to the employees, out of which 20% of them volunteer to actively contribute for a social cause every year, KPCL has reached out to approximately 50 schools and 25,000 community members till date.


The Kirloskar Group has established various charitable trusts and societies like Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies (KIAMS), Kirloskar Foundation, KPCL and many more to support their education initiatives by contributing to the corpus fund. Out of the total CSR funds available in each financial year, a majority of the funds are expended through one or more of the above trusts/societies/charities. In addition to the contribution to the above-mentioned corpus funds, KPCL also implements following CSR Projects in the vicinity of its factories.

Community Health Initiative

Objective: To provide preventive health care to more than 18000 school children (Std. 5 to Std. 10) from nearby schools, employee families, external agency, customer personnel and general communities like teachers from adopted schools, women, senior citizens, etc. by offering them annual health checkup as per the protocol.

School Health Initiative: An extensive health checkup will be conducted for students of adopted schools every year in a three-year cycle (Physical, Eye Check, and Lab Tests). Free distribution of spectacles for those with refractive errors and further checkup and interventions for other eye conditions like squint, etc. will be subsidized.

Kirloskar WaSH Initiative

Objective: To create awareness about WaSH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) among school children from nearby schools by promoting employee volunteering and training these volunteers to implement various WaSH modules throughout the academic year.

THE WaSH Initiative: In collaboration with Kirloskar Foundation, KPCL raises awareness about water, sanitation and hygiene amongst teachers, non-teaching staff, students and administrators of about 28 to 30 schools. This initiative that is targeted to benefit more than 18000 school children is implemented by employee volunteers of the company in selected schools in the nearby vicinity of various factories.

HIV AIDS Awareness

Objective: To create awareness about HIV AIDS in the general community, reaching out to about 3000 people by way of campaigns conducted by trained GET (Graduate Engineer Trainee) volunteers.

The KPCL Initiative: HIV AIDS community awareness is implemented and sustained by KPCL for their employees as well as for communities like the general community, people living with HIV, contract labour, trainees, teachers, non-teaching staff and students from adopted schools and colleges.

Kirloskar KaSHI Initiative

Objective: To take a step towards girl education by supporting the daughters of workmen of Cold Storage Units from UP, Gujarat, Rajasthan and MP.

The KaSHI Initiative: This unique CSR Initiative by KPCL is implemented by iVolunteers from its North and West Regional Offices in collaboration with respective State Cold Storage Associations.

Kirloskar Bharari Initiative

Objective: To educate the socio-economically challenged children and to spread awareness about the increasing necessity of education.

The Bharari Initiative: This initiative is targeted at 200 students of three schools in Hadapsar and two schools in Saswad. The students are provided with support and development from the standards 5th to 10th. After 10th standard, they are supported by the Swabhiman Scholarship.